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Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do to keep up with your clients and schedule? Do you live in survival-mode far too often? Does it seem like work-life balance would be a beautiful thing but it just isn’t an option for you?

You need a workflow overhaul. I can show you the tools and processes that can help you get your client projects back on track, deliver products ahead of schedule, and always know what needs to be done next. Stop putting out fires every day and start staying on top of things, even during the busy season. You can stop being stressed out all the time, you can run a business and stay sane, and you can keep your clients, family, and self happy. You just need a bit of organization and a revamp of your daily habits. I can show you how!

The Workflow Overhaul includes:

  • A three-week series of one-on-one, hour-long sessions via video call
  • A questionnaire to give me an idea of what your business is like, what you need help with, and what your biggest concerns and frustrations are
  • Tailored tips for your individual needs and concerns
  • An overview of strategies, products/software I recommend, and the core systems you should have in place
  • A few assignments to give you the accountability to make the changes you want to make

The Workflow Overhaul is $179 and includes an optional add-on for software setup and information import as needed. Contact me for further information, options, and rates.

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