managing your inboxHow many emails are in your inbox right now? Do you cringe when you peek inside, worried you have missed something important? Have you lost opportunities because you just don’t have the time to respond to the requests made of you?

Enter: the Inbox Zero Method. I will teach you:

  • how to organize and clear out your messy inbox
  • a simple organization method for finding emails you’ll need in the future
  • the decision-making process for handling emails moving forward that will keep your inbox clean and empty and stress-free (there’s even a flow-chart!)

In the Managing Your Inbox two-week session, we’ll spend the first hour-long meeting in a one-on-one video call to go over my email strategies and you’ll receive specific instructions on the changes you can make right away. The 30-minute follow-up call the next week will help keep you accountable for those changes.

Managing Your Inbox is $95 and includes the individual consultations as well as a PDF of written instructions and the flow-chart to recap and remind you of these strategies moving forward.

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