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After five years of running my own photography business and spending the past year working extensively with other photographers and videographers, I have learned a few things about creating a business that works. It takes a bit of organization and maintenance, but no matter how busy you are, it IS possible to have a profitable business that runs smoothly!

The secret lies in effective systems for each and every aspect of your business. A system is basically any repeatable process that is put in place to create a more productive, efficient environment.

I help busy creative entrepreneurs streamline and systematize their businesses.

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by your business, here’s how I can help…..

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Jessica White Testimonial“Kristin has been so helpful in getting my artist “right brain” to function more business-like as I’ve implemented her systems into my workflow!  She is very easy to work with, explains things well and has a great system already in place that most businesses can implement right away.  I am very impressed with her follow up and making sure that I’m learning the workflow, because it definitely takes some practice!  Thank you Kristin Brown for making my office work much less daunting!”

-Jessica White, Jessica White Photography



workflow overhaul gray Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do to keep up with your clients and schedule? Do you live in survival-mode far too often? Does it seem like work-life balance would be a beautiful thing but it just isn’t an option for you?

You need a workflow overhaul. I can show you the tools and processes that can help you get your client projects back on track, deliver products ahead of schedule, and always know what needs to be done next. Stop putting out fires every day and start staying on top of things, even during the busy season. You can stop being stressed out all the time, you can run a business and stay sane, and you can keep your clients, family, and self happy. You just need a bit of organization and a revamp of your daily habits. I can show you how! More info…


Managing Your Inbox


How many emails are in your inbox right now? Do you cringe when you peek inside, worried you have missed something important? Have you lost opportunities because you just don’t have the time to respond to the requests made of you?

Enter: the Inbox Zero Method. I will teach you how to organize and clear out your messy inbox, a simple organization method for finding emails you’ll need in the future, and the decision-making process for handling emails moving forward that will keep your inbox clean and empty and stress-free. (There’s even a flow-chart!) More info…


custom consulting sessions gray


Custom Consulting Sessions are for entrepreneurs looking for guidance, ideas, or specific strategies to organize and simplify the back-end of their business. These sessions work best for those who have the time, desire, and discipline to set systems up for themselves and just need a little knowledge and a push in the right direction! More info…

Virtual Studio Management



Virtual Studio Management provides in-depth, ongoing personal virtual assistance. For a limited number of clients each month, this includes up to 20 hours per week of personalized service from me, including but not limited to: email management, bookkeeping, scheduling, gathering client information, record-keeping, as well as the development of any needed core systems. More info…



Nate Pickett Testimonial

“I love to shoot, I had a great product, and clients were booking.  The problem?  With the growth came a dramatic increase in the number of follow ups, contracts, billing, client questions, scheduling and more.  Finding myself doing less of what I loved about my business (shooting, creating, working with people) it became clear my business was running me and not the other way around.   Near the point I was almost overcome with all of these growing pains I was referred to Kristin.  In the beginning (because my business is my life!) it was stressful for me to open up and let go as I felt extremely vulnerable, but as a professional she put me at ease.  Kristin understands the industry and gained my trust right away.  The process of sharing with her my approach of the back end side of my business was easy.  She was able to take everything I was doing and, from all of their scattered origins, she organized everything into a simple yet very effective system.  Since entrusting Kristin with many areas of the back end of my business it has continued to grow more than I EVER could have imagined doing on my own!  If there is anything I’ve said that resonates with you or that you read about her consulting services I can tell you WITHOUT ANY HESITATION contact her!!  Don’t wait!  Just do it!!”

-Nathan Pickett, NP Films


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