about me

Hello! I’m Kristin Brown and I’m a photographer, writer, and business consultant/studio manager for creative entrepreneurs. I love each aspect of my career, but photography was my first love.

Before I ever held a real camera in my hands, I had always felt a little incomplete. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life or what career path to take. But in February of 2008, my dad (an extraordinary photographer) and I took a trip to Mexico. I brought along the fancy new camera I’d received for Christmas and something unexpected happened. The photos I was taking on the isolated beaches of Baja were making my heart leap. Suddenly, I knew what my future held — I needed to be a photographer. I wasn’t sure in what way it would ultimately come about, but I knew I’d finally found that which would fulfill my life and satisfy my creativity.

During the next couple years, I also fell in love with business and ventured into the wedding and portrait photography world. I made some of my favorite images of all time when I went to Paris a few more years later, and now travel photography has a special place in my heart as well.

Over and over again, photography reminds me how awe-inspiring life really can be. Whether it’s a new mother adoring her baby, a moment when evening light streams through the trees just so, a devoted husband softly kissing his bride, or a split-second of soulful laughter, it all makes me feel something. Photography gives me tangible evidence of truthful emotion and the beauty of being.

I worry that we sometimes miss the awe-inspiring in our own lives. If you haven’t seen much of it lately, I’d love to show you. All I need from you is a little bit of vulnerability and trust.  There is beauty in youThere’s beauty in your family. And there’s beauty in the life you’re living.

 . . . . . . . . . . . .

I live in beautiful northern Utah with my husband of six years, Kenny. I’m so grateful for our marriage — he is pretty remarkable and I’m so lucky to have him. I love the ocean, yoga, chocolate chip cookies, and our sweet and rambunctious cat, Pip. I’m also expecting twins in January 2016!