life right now.

so much seems to be going on in my life right now. first of all, i’ve already bragged all over twitter and facebook about this, but our most exciting news is that kenny got accepted to his first law school! william & mary, in williamsburg, virginia. this was such a surprise because we weren’t expecting to hear back from anyone until at least january. it is a really good school and they also offered him a scholarship. i’m so so proud of him. i don’t know if we’ll actually end up there (we are still very interested in going to california), but it’s such a relief to have this incredible offer waiting for us. yay!

in other, much less exciting news, last week i went a little crazy and decorated our entire house for christmas. my mom was clearing out some of her old christmas decorations and i snatched up a bunch of them, including her christmas village i remember from when i was little. i love it. we put up our tree and everything, and i LOVE having a happy, christmas-y home. i love this time of year.

i’m also incredibly proud of myself because i am 75% done with my christmas shopping–and the gifts are wrapped and under the tree! what i haven’t gotten around to buying yet just needs to be picked up… i think i’ve figured out what to get almost everyone on our list. :)

also. i’m being brave and motivated and am doing this health challenge from natalie norton. it’s a little scary for me. and i’m kind of hoping that saying i’m doing it will help me be more accountable. i’ve really noticed lately how certain foods really affect how i feel and i want to change some of my bad habits, specifically… not eating vegetables and not exercising. :) by the way, does anyone know of any good/cheap exercise classes in logan? i think group classes are the only kind of exercise i like enough to do consistently, so i want to find some i like around here.

on saturday i went to the cabin with my family to celebrate dustin’s birthday–kenny couldn’t come, which meant a long, lonely drive back from heber to logan yesterday. the thing was, it turned out to be such a good thing for me. i spent an hour of the drive talking to kenny on the phone (we spent a whole day apart and had a lot to catch up on!), but the rest of the drive was just me, listening to really good old music i forgot about, letting my brain take a break from worrying and thinking. i never do that–i’m always multitasking and thinking about so many things that i get overwhelmed and stressed about. but for almost two hours, i just let my thoughts wander. and oddly enough, doing that instead of pushing my thoughts a certain direction was exactly what led me to some really great ideas and answers about the exact things i’ve been worrying about. funny how that happens. i ended up knowing what i need to change right now, how to get there, AND i have ideas about the future. then as i drove through the canyon, i came over a crest and looked up to see a huge, beautiful, foggy, snowy mountain range and i suddenly felt so happy. like everything in my life is good and right and exactly as it should be. i’m so happy and grateful for everything i have, especially kenny. who knew a long drive alone would do that for you?? :)

well… that’s all i have for today. happy monday!

Tara Siddoway - December 5, 2011 - 3:32 PM

You should go down to the Rec Center at Logan High and get a schedule of all their fitness classes. It’s only $2 a class and they have zumba and pilates and yoga and all kinds of fun stuff! Which reminds me. . I should probably work on going to classes there again. :)

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